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Full In-House Finishing of 100% Sinter-HIP Processed Tungsten Carbide Specialty Grades

Ammunition tooling and components

For ammunition tooling and components that helps you achieve superior productivity and outstanding resistance to wear, galling and corrosion, depend on General Carbide for:

  • AP Cores
  • Coining Punches
  • Draw Dies
  • Forged Tooling
  • Forming Dies
  • Necking Dies
  • Profile Dies

Improving Productivity at the Metallurgical Level

Grain structure of a quality General Carbide tungsten carbide tooling grade

Our in-house application expertise allows us to work with you in formulating the ideal carbide grades for your specific applications, including GC-613CT for Bullet Dies, GC-813CT for Draw Dies and GC-425CT for High Impact Dies. With General Carbide tooling, you’ll get:

  • Extended Die Life
  • Reduced Downtime
  • Increased Productivity

Complete Process Control, From Powder to Polish

The vertical integration of our engineering, R&D and manufacturing operations makes us the ideal partner to meet your ammunition tooling requirements.

Whether you need Sinter-HIP Tooling for Draw Dies, Profile Dies, Punches, Forged Tooling or AP Cores, there's a strong chance we have experience with applications that are similar or identical to yours.

Key features of our Sinter-HIP Tooling include:

  • Available in Standard & Premium Tungsten Carbide Grades
  • Outstanding Fracture Toughness for Heavy-Impact Applications
  • Fully Finished In-House to Achieve Superior Quality & Turnaround

As the holder of a Type 10 Federal Firearms License, we're able to serve manufacturers of firearms, ammunition and ammunition components.

Ammunition components made with tungsten carbide tooling
Grade Development

We offer standard and premium grades of tungsten carbide featuring the high toughness, excellent wear, corrosion resistance and anti-galling properties ideal for dies and punches.

ISO-certified quality lab

We’re ISO-Certified to meet your quality requirements and committed to meeting the highest standards in everything we do.

Engineering expertise that sets the industry standard
Engineering Know-How

We can help you develop tungsten carbide tooling used in the production of firearms, ammunition and ammunition components.

About General Carbide

General Carbide manufactures premium grade ammunition tooling for the production of bullets and shell casings.

As a holder of a Type 10 Federal Firearms License, we’re qualified to serve manufacturers of:

  • Firearms
  • Ammunition
  • Ammunition Components

We also collaborate with customers on R&D projects that test for a variety of properties related to strength and resistance.

At General Carbide, we’re ISO-certified and have nearly 70,000 square feet dedicated to the production of specialty preforms and 50,000 square feet for finishing operations.

Because our finished tooling is made from proprietary grades of tungsten carbide, it offers superior toughness, along with resistance to:

  • Wear
  • Corrosion
  • Galling

General Carbide employs more than 200 people, has annual sales of nearly $40 million and is a woman-owned business.

At General Carbide, our vertical integration, flexibility and responsiveness to your production deadlines enable us to meet your tooling requirements.

Call 800.245.2465 to speak to one of our Technical Sales Managers or email Bill Booher, Director of Sales & Marketing to learn more about our premium grade tooling.

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Class 10 FFL
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